“Facebook, Twitter, that’s not for me”, is what we hear quite often. What do you think about that? Have you already experienced the “F”-power? F-commerce is the new (hype?) word for social driven commerce, mostly on Facebook as the “F” indicates. We won’t tell you how to experience F-commerce, but for sure it’s important that you realize something is going on in social media. People are sharing their opinion and consult their friends what to do/buy. They might be discussing your product, both in a positive and negative manner. You’d better be well informed what’s going on there. The following Infographic might convince you. Have a look!

Social commerce startup Spinback (e-commerce sharing plugins) created a great Infographic clearly showing that sharing information on for example Facebook will lead to more traffic at a webshop and might increase sales. Some headline data shows the potential:

  • $11m – one day’s sales for GAP on Groupon
  • 1000 – Pampers diapers sold in one hour on its Facebook store
  • $3.25 average sales a Facebook share generates for Ticketfly
  • 42,000 – Facebook shares in one day for LivingSocial Amazon deal
  • 10.9% conversion rate of Facebook shares for Spinback clients
  • $2.10 average incremental sales generated by a Facebook share.

We’ve seen a few of these figures before but some of these are pretty new and when they are grouped together they become even more impressive. We believe it should at least make you start thinking about how you can integrate a social commerce element into your marketing mix.

This infographic shows that the predicted revenue for the social commerce market in the US will be over $30 billion by 2015.

Source: digitalbuzzblog

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